Client Master

Income Tax || Client Master Creation

The initial phase in software involves establishing foundational components referred to as masters, encompassing entities such as Client PAN, Client Name, Date of Birth (DOB), Status, and more.
Now, let's explore the step-by-step process for creating the Client Master :

Process 1: Online Import Through ITD Login Details:
  1. Launch Income Tax Auditor Software
  2. Go to the "Master" section and select "Client Selection (Add, Edit, Delete)" or Press F8 Button.
  1. Click on "Add Entry" to start adding a new client.
  1. Input "PAN Number" and "Income Tax Login Password" in the "ITD Login Details" section.
  1. Click the "Auto Fill" button.
  2. You'll be redirected to the ITD Portal, where necessary details are fetched.
  3. Retrieved details are automatically filled into the Client Master section.
  4. Include any additional required information.
  5. Click "Save" to save the entered information.

Process 2: Import through JSON Files:
Utilize the XML/JSON Import feature in Zen IT Auditor   XML/JSON IMPORT

Process 3: Import through Excel sheet:
  1. Download Excel Import Template.
  1. Enter Name, Status, ITD Username, ITD Password, Email ID, and Mobile No.
  2. Click "Excel Import" and select the filled sheet.
  1. Click "Import Excel" and confirm by clicking "Yes".
  1. Optional Prefill JSON:
    1. If ITD Password is entered, download the Prefill JSON for the client and import it.
    1. If not, import only Name, Status, PAN, Email ID, and Mobile No. into Client master.

Process 4: Import through Form 16:
Follow specific steps for importing from Form 16  IMPORT Form 16

Process 5: Manual Creation of Client Master:
  1. Enter all mandatory details indicated by asterisks.
    1. Red Asterisks: Include Client Code, First Name, and Sex.
    2. Blue Asterisks: Enter Assessee PAN, Father Name, Date of Birth, Flat No, City, State, Pin, Phone, Mobile No., Email ID.
  2. Client master creation remains consistent across ITR forms, with only the "STATUS" changing. Some fields may vary or be added/replaced.
  3. Click "Save" to save the entered information.
This summarized guide provides clear steps for each process involved in creating the Client Master in Zen IT, facilitating efficient and accurate data management.
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