Valid JSON file not found

Income Tax || Valid JSON file not found or JSON Schema file is not found.

When attempting to generate a JSON file, an error message stating 'Valid JSON file not found' is encountered.



For this particular error, there are several potential causes:

Verification of the config.lan file:
  1. Navigate to the root directory of the software, typically located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software" or "C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software".
  2. If using a SERVER machine, delete the Config File.
  3. For LAN machines, ensure proper LAN settings are configured. Begin by deleting the config.lan file and then proceed to reconfigure LAN settings. (Refer to LAN Setting Process)

Invalid default path for saving XML/JSON files:
  1. Access Tools → Income Tax Options → Function Option.
  2. In Point no 30, choose the appropriate path for the system drive or select the default path provided by the software (typically C:\KDK DATA\ZEN IT).

Presence of special characters or spaces in the Party Code:

Modify the client code by removing any special characters from the party code.
Detailed instructions for changing the client code in ZEN IT software can be found here: (Refer to Change Client Code Process)

Verification of enable Dot Net Framework 3.5:
  1. Open Control Panel on your system.
  2. Navigate to Programs -> Programs and Features.
  3. Click on 'Turn Windows features on or off'.
  4. In the window that appears, select the '.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)' checkbox and click OK.

Software manual Updation:
To resolve the error, please follow the steps provided below:

      Step 1: Navigate to the root location of the software, which can be either "C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software\KDK Support" or "C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software\KDK Support."
      Step 2: Open the Update.exe file and click on Download Manager.

      Step 3: Download the KDK Support (old), Zen IT and DLL-Full files.


      Step 4: Extract the downloaded files and install KDK Support file.
      Step 5: Copy the Zen IT files and the contents of the folder, then paste them into the root location of the software:
            For 64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software\Spectrum\Zen IT
            For 32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software\Spectrum\Zen IT
      Step 6: Copy all DLL files and paste them at the following locations:
            For 32-bit systems: "c:\windows\system32"
            For 64-bit systems: "c:\windows\syswow64"

Following these outlined procedures should resolve the encountered issue.
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