TDS SQL SERVER Network Configuration

TDS : SQL SERVER Network Configuration

KDK Software products are Multi-user software products that can be used in the Network area. There might be few situations arising due to some network failure or configurations, where some software modules would respond properly and some would not. One such case is explained below with the TDS module where its error, conditions, and solution has been explained.
TDS software not working on LAN / Client or Network system
Some settings that have to be made on the Server / Main system so that there will not be an issue in opening TDS software on LAN.


  1. Go to the server system where Spectrum\Taxsuit\TDS (if the user has only TDS) is registered.
  2. Close the TDS Software.
  3. Right Click on My Computer/This PC  Manage  Services and Applications  SQL SERVER Configuration manager 
  4. Go to SQL SERVER Network Configuration  Protocols for KDKSQL8 (Default database Instance used and installed for TDS software) 
  5. Enable all the protocols 


  1. Similarly Go to SQL Native client 10.0 Configuration 
  2. Click on Client protocols and enable all the protocols. 


  1. Once the above process is done, click on “SQL SERVER Services” 
  2. Restart the Service for SQL Server (KDKSQL8) (Currently running) 


Now, run TDS software on the server first and then on the node system. 

If running the TDS on LAN system and the below error described message is encountered follow the process mentioned below

Error Description 1:SQL Server Network Interfaces: Server doesn't support requested protocol [xFFFFFFFF].

Click OK,  the Error message would appear on the screen as shown below

Please check that the Instance name (KDKSQL8) is the same as that of the Server system along with the password.

NOTE: - SQLCONFIG.lan file (available at default location where the software is installed: - “C:\Program Files (x86) \K.D.K. Software\Spectrum\Zen TDS”) would help the user to check the running instance on the server system.


Once the Instance is checked and same as that of the server, Test the connection and save the file.
Now run the software.

Error Description 2: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect0),]SQL server does not exist or access denied.


  1. Click on OK for the error. Connect window would appear as shown below. 
  2. Click on the Driver option and then on the Installed Driver 
  1. Now always select either the second driver or the third driver in any under Installed Drover option.
  2. Click on OK and then Test Connection. 
  3. Once the connection is established successfully, Save the file and then cancel.


NOTE: - On successful connection the file is to be saved at the location where the software is installed on the LAN system.

Default Location: - C:\Program Files (x86) \K.D.K. Software\Spectrum\Zen TDS”.

If the same issue arises, please try connecting to the TDS database using the Administrative Tool - Process.

I hope this solution proves helpful.