Incorrect information in file: "*******.frm" errors

Incorrect information in file: "*******.frm" errors

When attempting to open the software, an error related to '.frm' files is encountered. These errors typically stem from data corruption issues.


To resolve this, follow these steps:

Data Backup: Ensure you have a current backup of the software's data from both the MySQL data folder and Windows '.kbu' files.
You can refer to the backup process outlined in the following link: Spectrum Backup Process.

Identify Error Date: Communicate with the client to determine the date when the error first appeared. This will help in pinpointing the data to be recovered.

Data Recovery: Perform data recovery for the specific error files : Data Recovery Process

For instance, if the error relates to the 'spectrum_bs' database and the file name is 'bs_backupdetailmst.frm', ensure to locate and restore the following three files for this table:
  1. bs_backupdetailmst.frm
  2. bs_backupdetailmst.MYD
  3. bs_backupdetailmst.MYI
Resolution: Once these files are successfully recovered, the issue should be resolved.

Following these steps should help in addressing the error related to '.frm' files effectively.
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