Run Time error-76, Path not found

Income Tax || My Return → Run Time error-76, Path not found


Root Cause of the error → This error occurs when the software lacks sufficient permissions for accessing the specified path or file, or when it is not running with Administrator privileges.

Solution → To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

Run the software as an Administrator : Process
  1. Right-click on the software executable or shortcut.
  2. Select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.
Grant Proper Permissions to KDK Data and KDK Software folders : Process
  1. Navigate to the folders where KDK Data and KDK Software are located.
  2. Right-click on each folder, select "Properties".
  3. Go to the "Security" tab and click on "Edit" (you may need administrative/everyone privileges).
  4. Add or modify the necessary user permissions to ensure full access as required by the software.

After applying these steps, restart the software to check if the error is resolved.
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