How to fill Annexure II (Salary) details

TDS || How to fill Annexure II (Salary) details

Salary Detail (Annexure II):
Please note that Salary detail data is mandatory for e-filing of Fourth Quarter for all the employees.
You can enter the salary Income in Deductee Transaction > Salary Detail (Annexure II) feature given in menu bar.


Now, double click on the employee for which you wish to enter the details.


The details of the Employee master will be visible in the list.
  1. Using Add/Modify, the Employee master can be created/modified accordingly.
  2. Deleting Salary Details will erase the salary details for the selected Employee.
  3. Invalid period - To check the Salary Period entered in Salary Details.
  4. Check salary detail - To verify the salary details when the entries are blank.
  5. Check Senior Citizen - To inspect senior citizen salary entries.
By double-clicking on the Employee detail, the Salary data can be entered.

  1. Input the Employment date (From-To).
  2. Applicable 115BAC (1A) → Select "Yes" or "No"
  3. Fill Salary u/s 17(1): To fill Salary, click on the Details button.
    1. Basic salary
    2. Import Salary: (To import the salary entered in "amount paid credited" in deductee entry).
    3. No. of months: Enter the number of months for which the salary is received.
    4. Pension
    5. Commission on Sale
    6. Gratuity
    7. Advance Salary
    8. Leave encashment
    9. Contribution by Central Govt.
    10. Arrears of salary
    11. Bonus
    12. Salary u/s 17 (1)
    13. Click on the Save and Exit button to save the entries.
  1. Salary perquisites: Enter the value of perquisites (Taxable amount of perquisites - Values of perquisites less the amount received from the employee).
  2. Profit in lieu of salary: Enter the details to calculate the taxable "Profit in lieu of salary".
  3. Allowances: Enter the details of allowances to calculate the taxable value of allowances.
  4. Enter Professional tax.
  5. Enter Entertainment allowances.
  6. Income from House Property: Enter the details of house property income & interest paid on borrowed capital to calculate the income/loss from the house property.
  7. Enter other income received by the employee.
  8. Deduction: Enter the details of deductions under various sections as declared by the employee.
  9. Total income: Auto-displayed.
  10. Tax payable, Surcharge, Education Cess, Secondary & Higher Secondary Cess will be auto-displayed.
  11. Relief u/s 89 (1): Calculated and entered.
  12. Tax deducted u/s 192: Amount of challan adjusted against deductee (i.e., tax already deducted from the Deductee's salary).
  13. Tax deducted u/s 192 (Other Deductor): In case where the assessee has served with another employer and that previous employer has deducted any tax on salary, such TDS has to be entered here to give a benefit to the employee.
How to enter TDS (Previous Employer) in Annexure II (Salary detail)

To enter TDS (Previous Employer) in Annexure II (Salary Details), Please follow the steps : TDS (Previous Employer)

This should resolve the problem.