How to enter TDS (Previous Employer) in Annexure II (Salary detail)

TDS || How to enter TDS (Previous Employer) in Annexure II (Salary detail)

When disbursing employee salaries, employers are mandated to deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) under section 192. Subsequently, the employer must submit a salary TDS return using Form 24Q on a quarterly basis. This report should include details of the salary paid to employees and the corresponding TDS deductions. Specifically, the information for the 24Q 4th Quarter is critical.

Form 24Q comprises two annexures: Annexure-I and Annexure-II (salary details).

Annexure-I must be submitted for all four quarters of a financial year.
Annexure-II (salary details) is exclusively required for the last quarter (January to March), along with annual details.
To input TDS (Previous Employer) in Annexure-II (Salary Details), consider the following scenarios:

First Scenario:
If the user is utilizing TDS software for all quarters, manual entry of TDS deposit details for the first three quarters is unnecessary.
The software will automatically retrieve TDS deposit details for all three quarters in the salary details section.
To verify the last three-quarter TDS deposit details, access the e-TDS software, navigate to Deductee Transaction → Salary detail (Annexure II) → Tax Deducted u/s 192/194P

Select the employee, then choose Tax Deducted u/s 192/194P to review the automatically populated details.


Note: It's important to highlight that the user cannot edit details in the window displayed below. This restriction ensures the integrity of the information and prevents inadvertent changes to the TDS deposit details for the last three quarters. Users should proceed with the understanding that the data presented in the window is reflective of the filed TDS deposit information and is not editable within this interface.


Second Scenario:
If the user has not prepared the TDS return for the last three quarters using TDS software, and the details are not entered, the user can input the total TDS deposit details directly in the salary details section.
Follow these steps:
Go to Deductee entry → Salary detail → TDS Deducted by Others


Enter the total TDS deposit details for all three quarters (TDS deducted by the Current Employer).


If TDS is deducted by another employer, input the details in the "Detail of TDS Deducted by Other Employer/Branch" option.

To verify details for the second scenario (TDS deducted by other/TDS deducted by the current employer), go to Deductee entry → Salary detail → Tax Deducted u/s 192/194P.

This process ensures accurate and compliant reporting of TDS information, making the salary payment and TDS deduction process transparent and straightforward.

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