How to configure eXBace (On Premise/Desktop) Software

How to configure eXBace (On Premise/Desktop) Software

Please Follow the steps below:
Step 1:  
  1. Install eXBace Setup file.  ( Process - eXBace Installation Process )
  2. Install MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008 R2 SP2 express edition file. (Process - MSSQL Installation)
  3. Install – IIS (Internet Information Services) through Turn features ON or OFF in Programs and Features (Control panel)


Step 2: Open Inetmgr (IIS Manager) and check the Default website is running or not.


Once you click on Browse Button > Web-Page is opened in default web browser.


Step 3: Right Click on Default Web Site > Click on Add Application...


Once Click on Add Application, in Alias enter name like exbace OR xbrl and in Physical Path - provide the physical path to the software like  C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software\exbace OR C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software\exbace and Click on OK Button.


Step 4: Once exbace application is added under Default web site, then Double Click on Application Pools and Run DefaultAppPool in .NET Framework version : .NET Framework v2.0 and then click on  OK Button.


Step 5: Then Click on Advance Settings (Right Side - Under Action Head) on same Page and Enable 32-Bit Applications as True and then Click on OK Button.


Step 6: Now Reset IIS  (Internet Information Services).
            For IIS Reset > Double Click on the USER Name in IIS Manager and then click on Restart (Manage Server Page).


Step 7: Now, Browse eXBace application.


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