eXBace Installation process

eXBace Installation process

eXBace - XBRL Solutions, significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the business reporting processes of an organization. eXBace ( XBRL Solutions ) is a solution for converting and filing Financial Information of the Company in XBRL Format as per MCA mandate. eXBace ( XBRL Solutions ) is a One-Stop Complete XBRL Software - On Document editing/Tagging, Quick Viewing, Advance Validating and Finally extensible reporting. It is an Intelligent Solution that enables automated processing of business information and hence cuts out laborious and costly processes of manual re-entry and comparison.

KDK Software provides one such software application to convert the
Financial Report in XBRL format which is eXBace with both Online and Offline functioning.

Process for eXBace SAAS:

As this is a cloud-based application, there is no installation required. The user can use the application using login credentials that are provided during software registration. The website where the user can use these credentials are on www.exbace.com

The user will be provided with a Company ID, User ID and a Password.

Process for eXBace On-Premises:

Hardware Requirement:

  1. 2GB Hard Disk Device (HDD) Space or 2 GB system memory running Microsoft windows for faster processing..
  2. System running with Windows XP- Services pack 2 to Windows 10 with system type 32-bit and 64-bit
Note: Windows with Home Basic Edition is not compatible for installing Zen eXBace.


  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or above, Firefox Version 3.0 or above, Google chrome’s all versions, with an Internet connection for Software online Resources. 
  2. Microsoft Office Version 2003 or above for the Export & Import Interactive Facility. 

Installation Setup:

  1. The set up for eXBace can be downloaded from www.kdksoftware.com  Software Download  eXBace Setup



  1. Once the Downloading of Web Installer is done, right-click on the setup and “Run as Administrator”.
  2. The Setup will show all the pending prerequisites required to install the software.
    1. Windows Installer Hotfix for the various Windows platforms.
    2. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
    3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition (32-bit and 64-bit) 
    4. Installation of Internet Information Services (IIS) according to the operating system. 
  1. Click on the Install button, the downloading and installing of pending requirement would start.

  1. Click on Next and proceed with the installation of exbace.
  2. Accept the License and then the path where the software is required to be installed.

Note: The path for installation can be changed using the change button.

  1. Do not close the command window appearing as this is the process of enabling the IIS feature. Once completed, click on Finish Button.


  1. The final windows would be VDC Manager, where this would configure eXBace on IIS and by clicking on Create, shortcut on the desktop and home page would get created.

Hope this helps.

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