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            Error-Data entered in Capital Gain in Depreciation Chart is not in match with Capital Gain of depreciable assets

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            When the Capital Gain/Loss figure in Depreciation Chart of Business and Profession head does not  tally with Capital Gain /Loss figure in Capital Gain head, the Income Tax application shows the given Error

            To resolve this error follow the below steps:

            1.Go to Transaction-->Business & Profession-->Depreciation Chart
            2.Select  the Check Mark in Block Nil option as shown in the image.

            3. Go to Transaction-->Capital Gain
            4. Select TYPE as Depreciable assets 
            5. Check whether the amount in the Capital Gain / Loss field matches with the          amount in the Capital Gain / Loss in the Depreciation chart of Business and                  Profession head.

            6.If both the Figures (Capital Gain Summary,Depreciation Chart) tally as shown in           the above images, then the error will not appear.

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