Conversion exe KJSON_Format.exe not found

Zen IT || Online Activity → Conversion exe KJSON_Format.exe not found


This issue arises either due to an incorrect Config.LAN file or the absence of necessary executable files in the root directory of the software.

For SERVER Machine:
  1. Navigate to the root directory of the software, typically located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software" or "C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software".
  2. Locate and remove the Config.lan file.
  3. Execute the software to ascertain if the issue persists.

For LAN Machine:
  1. Navigate once more to the root directory of the software, usually situated at "C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software" or "C:\Program Files\K.D.K. Software".
  2. Delete the Config.lan file.
  3. Proceed with the LAN configuration process according to your system specifications. → LAN Setting Process
  4. Verify the resolution of the issue by executing the software.

If the issue persists:
Initiate a manual update for the Zen IT folder as per the Income Tax Auditor manual update procedure. → Manual Update Process

I hope this information proves helpful.
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