Where we get the amount for Section 36 > Other Information > Point 6K

Where we get the amount for Section 36 > Other Information > Point 6K


This information will import from Tax audit > Point no 20(b) > [ Details of contributions received from employees for various funds as referred to in section 36(1)(va) ]

For fill the data in Tax Audit
  1. Go to Audit > Tax Audit > New 3CD W.E.F 20/08/2018

  1. Fill the particular annexure [Select Office, Select Fund and Due Date from Drop Down Menu] > Fill Data in this

NOTE : Red color column indicates you have paid the amount after Due date
In this Just Add the Total for Actual amount Paid, it is reflected in Other Information tab

Once you fill the data in Tax audit then import the data in Other Information tab

Form Import Data in Other Information 
  1. Go to Transactions > General Information / BS / P&L

  1. Then click on 2-Other Information

  1. Here Click on - Import from 3CD Button.
Once click on Import from 3CD, Data Import Successfully on Point no 6k - Any sum received from employees as contribution to any provident fund or superannuation fund or any fund set up under ESI Act or any other fund for the welfare of employees to the extent not credited to the employees account on or before the due date.


Hope this helps.

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