Validity unknown error

Validity unknown error after signing the documents

After opening a signed document in Acrobat Reader,  you get an error message that says 'The validity of your signature is UNKNOWN', as shown in this picture.


To resolve this validity unknow error, please follow the steps below:

  1. Right click on Validity unknown message and click on Show Signature Properties


  1. Now click on Show Signer's Certificate...


  1. In this window Click on Trust Tab.


  1. Now Click on Add to Trusted Certificates...


  1. Warning message appears - Just click on OK Button.


  1. Here the Blank check boxes are shown like the below picture. 


  1. Just Check mark on all the Check Boxes:
  2. Check Mark on Certified documents first after that all the below check boxes are also highlighted.
  3. Now Check Mark on Dynamic content, Embedded high privilege JavaScript and Privileged system operations (networking, printing, file access, etc.)            


  1. Once Check Mark on all the check boxes click on OK Button.
  2. Now click on Validate Signature Button.


  1. Once Click on Validate Signature Button - Below screen appears with Signature Valid page shown.


Hope it Helps.

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