UDIN Generation Procedure

UDIN Generation Procedure

UDIN Generation Procedure
the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), has developed a method of securing the documents issued by a Chartered Accountant by issuing a Unique Document Identification Number ( UDIN ),  It is a 18 digit unique number generated on the UDIN portal for every certificate and other such documents that have been attested by a Chartered Accountant who’ve registered themselves on the portal. 

To generate UDIN please follow the below steps 

Step 1 :    Open the  Income Tax Auditor Software   and Go to  Master  →  Consultant information  option given in the menu bar

  1. Provide all the basic details:
  1. Membership Number, 
  2. Enrolment date as CA, 
  3. Name (Surname, First Name and middle name), 
  4. Date of Birth, 
  5. PAN 
  6. E-mail ID
  7. Address

Now click on " save " button 

Step 2 
Go into Transactions> UDIN

Step 3

How to Register on UDIN Portal ?
Click on UDINCredential and enter password 

Now Click on Signup

Registration window will be open , now click on "send OTP", An OTP will be sent to the registered Mobile and Email of the member 
On confirmation of OTP as received ,a Username and Password will be sent to the registered Email and Mobile No.

Step 4
How to generate a Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) ?
Below is the detailed step-by-step procedure for generation UDIN

Go into Transactions> UDIN

Select Firm Name / Member Name 

Enter login credentials

Select Document Type -   CERTIFICATES/ GST and Tax Audit/ Audit & Assurance Functions 


Select the relevant date for signing the document from “Date of Signing of Document” option.

Enter the relevant “Figures/Values” in the format described below:

Now there is two option , save and generateUDIN , if you click on save then all detail will be save in draft , for generate UDIN click on GenerateUDIN 

Make Sure Login Credentials must be correct other wise Software will not do any further processing

As you click on "GenerateUDIN" , all the details will be automatically filed on the UDIN portal.

Now Click on “Send OTP” button, which enables the system to send OTP on the registered mobile no. and email of the member.

After that provide the OTP received on the registered mobile no. and then Click the submit button.

After clicking the submit button, System will generate the 18 digits UDIN

After UDIN number Generates , UDIN numbers are  auto update in software 

Hope This Helps 

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