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TDS || Online activity → Tag Challan on Traces Portal

Follow these steps carefully to tag your challan on the Traces portal during correction return filing:
Step 1: Go to "Online Activity" and select "Traces Activity".


Step 2: Click on "Request for Online Correction".


Choose the appropriate form and proceed.

Step 3: Enter Basic Statement Details and submit the request. Pay close attention to the highlighted instructions.


Note: The red highlighted fields are not error messages; they guide you through the process.

Step 4: Select the "Track Correction Request" option.


Step 5: Choose the statement and click on the Available option in "Track Correction Request".


Step 6: Proceed again on the Traces portal and manually enter mandatory (*) details. Click on "Proceed".


Step 7: Follow the steps on the Traces portal and click on "Proceed with Transaction".


Step 8: Select options according to your statement and click on "View Details".


Note: This is the online Traces portal process; we don't make any changes to the type of correction options.
Check if the "Unmatched Challans" option is available here.
Select challans >> click on "Edit Unmatched Challan Details".


Step 9: Check details and click on "Tag Challan".


Step 10: Select challans and "Tag Selected Challan".


Check the Challan Details before saving it.


Check if the Challan is added (It will be shown in Orange color) after that click on "Submit Correction Statement".


Click on the "Confirm" Button.


Select and Click on "View Statement".


The correction statement has been submitted and will be available in the "Correction Ready For Submission" page.


Note: This is not the final step; one more step is pending to complete this process.

Select and click on "View Statement".


Click on "Submit for Processing".


Correction Statement has been Submitted Successfully.


Step 11: After submitting the request, you can check the status of your statement in "Defaults → Track Correction Request".


Hopefully, this provides assistance.
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