Invalid Receipt No. of earlier regular statement filed

TDS || Invalid Receipt No.

When encountering an issue regarding an invalid Receipt Number associated with a prior regular statement, it's essential to provide a valid 15-digit Receipt Number(i.e. 15-digit Token Number).


To address and correct this matter thoroughly:
  1. Begin by ensuring that you've selected the appropriate Assessment Year and Quarter, using the designated F9 Button within the Efiling Window.
  1. Proceed to the 'Master' section, then navigate to 'Submitted Return'.
  1. Within this section, input the correct Date and P.R. Number.
  1. After entering the details, it's imperative to validate the information provided.
  1. Once the validation process is complete and all details are confirmed to be accurate, proceed with the submission of your return.
  2. By adhering to these steps diligently, you can effectively address the issue and proceed with your return submission.

Hope this comprehensive guide assists you in resolving the matter efficiently.
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