Download TDS Return Receipt

TDS || Download TDS Return Receipt

Upon successful generation and uploading of the return on the portal, it is imperative to obtain the TDS receipt for documentation and verification purposes.

Process for Download TDS Return Receipt
  1. Within the software interface, meticulously select the appropriate assessment year and quarter corresponding to the uploaded return.
  2. Navigate to the designated section for online activities, specifically focusing on "Income Tax Activities".
  1. Within the Income Tax Activities section, identify and choose the specific form name associated with the uploaded return.
  2. Execute the action to "Download TDS Return", ensuring a precise selection to avoid discrepancies.
  1. This action will seamlessly redirect you to the Income Department Portal for authentication and authorization purposes.
  2. Following successful authentication, the system will automatically initiate the download process for the TDS return receipt.
  3. The downloaded TDS return receipt will be automatically saved in the predefined root directory within the KDK Data folder structure.
  4. Confirm the receipt's saved location, ensuring it adheres to the default path: "C:\KDK Data\Zen TDS\AssessmentYear\ClientCode\Quarter\FormType\Regular".
This process ensures a systematic and accurate retrieval of the TDS return receipt.
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