Deductee/Employee Master → Import From Other Deducter

TDS || Deductee/Employee Master → Import From Other Deducter

To correctly import Deductee/Employee Master from another Deducter, follow these steps:
  1. Start by accessing the "Master" menu in your system.
  2. Select "Deductee/Employee Master" from the options provided.
  1. Within the "Deductee/Employee Master" interface, look for the "Import from other deducter" button.
  2. Click on this button to begin the import process.
  1. A new window or dialog box will appear. Here, you'll need to select the Deducter's Code from a dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the appropriate Deducter's Code that corresponds to the source from which you want to import data.
  1. Next, you'll see a list of Deductee/Employee entries associated with the selected Deducter's Code.
  2. Choose the specific Deductee(s) or Employee(s) that you wish to import. If you want to import all entries, look for a "Select All" checkbox or option.
  1. After making your selection, proceed to click on the "Import" button or similar action to start importing the chosen Deductee/Employee Master entries.
  1. After the import process is complete, the selected Deductee/Employee will appear in the Deductee/Employee Master of the current Deductor.

By following these steps in a systematic manner, you'll be able to import Deductee/Employee Master data from another Deducter efficiently and accurately within your system.
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