Correction → Net Result File

TDS || Correction → Net Result File

The process below elaborates on how to manage data adjustments (additions, modifications, or deletions) within a specific return using the TDS software.

To do so:
  1. Click on the Corrections button provided in the software and select the appropriate form "Correction 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, or 27EQ" from the drop-down list.
  2. Double-click on the imported file to access further correction options.
After preparing the corrected return, verify the actual data by checking the Net Result File.


Exporting Data:


With Original Entries: If opting to export data with original entries, ensure that the complete entries, including the corrected data, are exported back to the original return. This maintains the integrity of the return by incorporating all relevant information.

Without Original Entries: In scenarios where exporting without original entries is preferred, only export the entries that have been added, modified, or deleted. This streamlined approach focuses solely on the adjustments made during the correction process, excluding redundant or unchanged data.


Deductor Detail → Presents the master details
DD - Net result → Deductee Details Net Result File
DD - Deleted → Displays Deductee Details Deleted / Marked NIL entries
SD - Net result → Salary Details Net Result File
SD - Deleted → Exhibits Deleted entries for Salary Details
CD - Net Result → Challan Details Net Result File

By following these steps, the process of managing data adjustments within the TDS software becomes clearer and more structured.
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