Bulk PAN Verification

TDS || Bulk Pan Verification Process

To Verify the PAN Number on Single Page, You need to first Create the Deductee/Employee Master (Master > Deductee/Employee Master).

Process 1:

Step 1: Navigate to "Master > Deductee/Employee Master" option.

Step 2: On the Deductee/Employee Master screen, locate the "Bulk PAN Verification" option.

Step 3: Select the PAN you wish to validate and click on the "Bulk PAN Verification" button. This action will redirect you to the "Bulk Pan Verification" Page.
Step 4: Click on the "Validate" Button.

Step 5: This will direct you to the TRACES website. Enter Captcha Code to verify the selected PAN.

Step 6: Once validated, all "Status" and "Name on Website" will be displayed in front of PAN number.

Step 7: Now, simply click on the "Update PAN Status" button to update the PAN status in the software database (Deductee/Employee Master).

Step 8: The PAN status is now shown in your Master.

Process 2:

Step 1: To verify the PAN number of a Deductee/Employee, follow these instructions:
  1. Navigate to the "Tools" section and select the "Bulk PAN Verification" option.

Step 2: Within the "Bulk PAN Verification" interface, proceed with the following:
  1. Choose either "Employee Master" or "Deductee Master"
  2. Click on the "Validate" button to initiate the verification process.

Step 3: The system will redirect you to the TRACES website; complete the verification by entering the Captcha Code for the selected PAN.
Step 4: Once the PAN is successfully validated, the system will display comprehensive information including the "Status" and "Name on Website" associated with the PAN number.
Step 5: To update the PAN status in your software database (Deductee/Employee Master), perform the following:
Simply click on the "Update PAN Status" button.

Step 6: Confirm that the updated "PAN status" is now reflected in your Master database.

By following these detailed steps, you can seamlessly check, verify, and update the PAN information for Deductees or Employees using the Bulk PAN Verification option.

Step 1: Begin the process of Bulk PAN Verification through an Excel file by exporting the Blank Template for PAN Verification from the following location:
Template Location: Tools >> Microsoft Excel Sheet >> Bulk PAN Verification

Step 2: Export this template to your preferred location and proceed to input the necessary data.

Step 3: Navigate to the 'Tools' menu and select the 'Bulk PAN Verification' option.

Step 4: Now, initiate the Excel Import process by first clicking on the Excel Import option located on the upper side. Subsequently, locate the same highlighted button on the lower side and click on the Excel Import Button.

Step 5: The Excel details will be presented to you. Simply proceed by clicking on the "Validate" button.

Step 6: This action will seamlessly direct you to the TRACES website. Provide the necessary Captcha Code to authenticate and verify the selected PAN.

Step 7: Following successful validation, the results will be showcased.

Step 8: The exported Excel sheet will comprehensively display all PAN data.

Step 9: By adhering to these steps, you can proficiently execute Bulk PAN Verification through an Excel file.

Hope this helps.
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