TDS || 80CCD(2) Figure not coming in excel Import

TDS || 80CCD(2) Figure not coming in excel Import

Clint entered the 80CCD(2) amount in - 'Deduction U/s 80CCD(2)' column in 24Q Excel sheet and when he imports the same Amount is not coming in Salary Details Under 80CCD(2) Deduction.


Section 80CCD (2) allows salaried individuals to claim deductions up to 10% of their salary which includes the basic pay and dearness allowance or is equal to the contributions made by the employer towards the NPS.

Solution :
Regarding this You are requested to please enter the same amount in - 'Contribution by Employer to NPS (up to 10% of Salary)' Column in Excel sheet and then Import the excel.


Import the excel sheet, Data automatically picked through this column in 80CCD(2) Deduction.

Hope this helps.

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