TDS- 27 D request error

TDS- 27 D request error

TDS- Form  27D (TCS) request error - "This statement has challan(s) with more valid PAN deductee rows than entered by you. Please enter details of such challan and corresponding deductee rows"

Possible resolution - 
Guidelines for KYC

• You are required to enter the challan details (BSR Code/Date of Deposit/Challan Serial Number and Challan Amount) as per the relevant statement.
• Maximum of 3 distinct valid PANs and corresponding amount must be entered.
• If there are less than three such combinations in the challan, user must enter all (either two or one).

If the return is filed through TDS software, then all required detail for 27d  form request will be fetched automatically on the Traces site. IF the return filed data is not in the TDS software, then fill all the required details on the below page,

Note :- This is correct as per the checks applied by us, however, not completely sure about this and needs to be further checked.