TaxSuite || Data not compatible

TaxSuite || Data is not compatible with application. Contact your Vendor

The provided solution seems to be aimed at resolving an issue related to MySQL. The steps outlined are as follows:

Close Software: Close the MySQL software.
Press [CTRL+ALT+DELETE], then go to "Task Manager".

End Process: In Task Manager, go to the "Processes" tab.
Find and select "mysqld-nt.exe".
Click on "End Process".


Backup Data: Go to "C:\MySQL" and save the entire "Data" folder to a safe location.
Note: This is the default location; if not found, check other drives.

Delete Files: Navigate to "C:\mysql\data\taxsuit". 
Delete the following three files:
  1. spzen.myi
  2. spzen.frm
  3. spzen.myd

Reopen Software: Restart the MySQL software.

Note: Before making any changes to the database, ensure you have a backup. If you're unsure or uncomfortable, contact the KDK Software's support team. Path names may vary, so confirm the actual paths on your system.

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