Speculative Business Data entry Procedure

Speculative Business Data entry Procedure

Speculative Business Data entry Procedure

A flow is being suggested for entering the information under Speculative Business

Information is required to be filled under the following sections:
1. General Information > Profit & loss account
2.  Business & profession head
3.  Nature of business

Steps to be followed:  General Information > Profit & loss account
Go into Transactions → General Information /BS/P&L    → Profit and Loss

Enter  Speculative Turnover detail in point no 63 

2. Steps to be followed: For Business and profession head

Go into Transactions → Business and Profession Head   → Speculation 

3. Steps to be followed: For Nature of business

Go into transactions   →   Filling information   →   Nature of business

Here, the nature of business has to be selected according to your  Speculative Business

Hope This Helps 

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