Computation Print → Show Income Details only if before setoff income is not equal to zero

Zen IT || Computation Print → Show Income Details only if before setoff income is not equal to zero


If the client does not want to display income details on the computation page when the income before setoff is zero, follow these steps:
  1. Open the software and navigate to 'Tools'.
  2. Select 'Income Tax Option' from the menu.
  1. In the Income Tax Options section, locate the settings from Point No. 9 to Point No. 13.
  2. Check mark on the boxes for these points to enable the relevant options.
  1. After checking the appropriate boxes, save the changes to the settings.
  2. Generate the computation page as usual. The income details with a zero amount will no longer be displayed.

By following these steps, the income details with zero amounts will be excluded from the computation page.
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