Process to import income tax return XML file in Zen IT Auditor

Process to import income tax return XML file in Zen IT Auditor

Process to import income tax return XML file in Zen IT Auditor:

 This feature allows the user to import ITR XML files generated by Government UtilityKDK income Tax software or any other software.

To import the XML file in Income Tax Auditor please follow the steps below:

Before proceeding with the process, see that the Assessment year selected in the Software is Current Assessment Year. Also the software Income Tax Auditor should be with latest version
( can compare the version of the software from ).

Step 1: Open Income Tax, go to Tools XML Import.

Once you click on XML Import, you are required to select the schedule or data to be imported in the software. Check mark on the desired data to be imported and then click on "Next".

Step 2: If you wish to import Single XML file, then Select “Single XML file” option

  1. Select “New Client” to import in new client and give code no. and for any existing client select “Selected Client”.
  2. Browse the location of XML file and rest information it will take automatically.
  3. Now "Click on Import". After few seconds it will show process complete.

Step 3: If you wish to import Multiple XML files, then select “Multiple XML Files" Option. You have two options for importing the multiple XML files:

  1. Click on “Add XML files” to add the XML‘s one by one or
  2. Click on “Add Folder” if you wish to add the XML files containing in the folder.
    1. You can also give your desired “Prefix Client Code” and “client code from” for identification of client.
    2. There may be a scenario that you wish to import only “Import only Master Information” or “Import Master and Transaction Information” then you can select the same.
Note: PAN No. is Identification Key, can be used if you want to make a single Master and import year wise data into it.
This would avoid Duplicate Master copy creation.
  1. Now, click on "Import".
  2. Process will get completed in some time.

The above described process will solve your query. 

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