Process to File 10BB using ZEN IT Auditor

Income Tax || Process to File Form 10BB

What is Form 10BB
Form 10BB is a crucial audit report mandated by the Income-tax Act, 1961, under specific clauses: clause (b) of the tenth proviso to clause (23C) of section 10, and sub-clause (ii) of clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 12A. This report is required for various entities, including funds, trusts, institutions, universities, educational institutions, hospitals, or medical institutions, as specified under these clauses.

How to file Form 10BB using Income Tax Auditor :

Step 1: Begin by selecting the Trust return party and accessing the forms option.

Step 2: From the available forms, opt for Form 10BB.


Step 3: Proceed to fill in all necessary data within the form and ensure to save it.


Step 4: Generate the JSON file of Form 10BB by navigating to Form10BB → Form10BB JSON.


Step 5: When prompted in the Pop-Up message, indicate "Yes" for the original form and "No" for any revised form.
Additionally, for the Report section of Form 10BB, access it via Form 10 BB → Form 10BB Report.


Step 6: Upon generating the JSON file, upload it using the designated upload option.


Step 7: Finally, complete the submission process by clicking on the submit button.
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