Process for Form 16 File download e-TDS Software

Process for Form 16 File download e-TDS Software

Form 16 is a document or certificate, issued as per the Section 203 – Income-Tax Act 1961, to salaried professionals in India by their respective employers. 
It provides a validation that TDS has been deducted and deposited with the government authorities on behalf of the employee. 
It gives a detailed summary of the salary paid to the employee and the TDS deducted.

Form 16 has two components – Part A and Part B.

Form 16 Part A

Fundamentally, the Part A gives the summary of tax collected by the organization or employer from the salary income, on the employee’s behalf and deposited in the government’s account. 
It is a certification duly signed by the employer that they have deducted the TDS from the employee’s salary and deposited it with the income tax department.

It is important to note that if you change your job in one financial year, every employer will issue a separate Part A of Form 16, for the period of employment. Some of the components of Part A are:
  1. Name and address of the employer
  2. TAN and PAN of employer
  3. PAN of the employee
  4. Summary of tax deducted and deposited quarterly, which is certified by the employer.

Form 16 Part B

Part B is a consolidated statement covering details regarding salary paid, any other income as disclosed by the employee to his/her organization, amount of tax paid and tax due, if any. 
It represents the information in a comprehensive and orderly manner stating the income earned by the employee along with the exemptions and deductions applicable thereon, in the prescribed format. 
Employee details such as name and PAN are mentioned even in Part B.

  1. Detailed breakup of salary
  2. Detailed breakup of exempted allowances under Section 10
  3. Deductions allowed under the Income Tax Act (under chapter VIA):
List of deductions mentioned are as below:
  1. Deduction for life insurance premium paid, contribution to PPF etc., under Section 80C
  2. Deduction for contribution to pension funds under Section 80CCC
  3. Deduction for employee’s contribution to pension scheme under Section 80CCD(1)
  4. Deduction for taxpayer’s self contribution to notified pension scheme under Section 80CCD(1B)
  5. Deduction for employer’s contribution to pension scheme under Section 80CCD(2)
  6. Deduction for health insurance premium paid under Section 80D
  7. Deduction for interest paid on loan taken for higher education under Section 80E
  8. Deduction for donations made under Section 80G
  9. Deduction for interest income on savings account under Section 80TTA

Process below would help the user to send the request and download the Form 16.

Request for Form 16 

Open the  e-TDS software  – Master Submitted Return   →  option  given in the menu bar and enter 15 Digit  provisional receipt number (PRN)


Now - Go to  Online Activity  →  Traces Activity  option given in the menu bar


Then Click on “Form 16 File Request” and click OK.

NOTE:- The Assessment Year and Quarter has to be selected first for which the request is to be submitted by going to option Master --> Change Assessment Year and Quarter


Select Here - ALL PAN's and than enter your Username and Password to login on the Traces website.
Enter the login  credentials  used to login on the TRACES website.


The software would then Auto direct on traces website, where Verification code is to be entered and then click on Login.


If the return is filed through our software, then all required detail for the Form 16 file request will be automatically entered on Traces site.  If return filled data is not in TDS software, then fill all required details on the below page.


Here the Request Number will get generated.

After the request gets processed, request detail will appear in the TDS software in Form 16 File Download menu as shown below.
The Online status will appear as "Submitted".

Once submitted, the files for downloading will be available on the portal within 24-48 hrs.
Only then the forms for Part A and Part B can be downloaded and converted.

Form 16 file Download

To download the Form 16 file download, Go to  Online Activity  →  Traces Activity >   Form 16 file download option  given in the menu bar


Here verify the details of Form Type, Assessment Year and Quarter and click OK.

NOTE:- The Assessment Year and Quarter has to be selected first for which the request is to be submitted by going to option Master --> Change Assessment Year and Quarter


Here, Select you wants to Generate the File through Digital Signature (Token) Or Manual Signature.
  1. If you wish to generate files through - Token, then select > Digital Signature (Token)
  2. If you wish to generate file through - Manual Signature, then select > Manual Signature
  3. Digital Signature (DSC) option is for PFX files so this option is not useful now.
Select any Radio Button and then Click on Next Button.


Here, USER ID and Password is shown.
Just click on Next Button.

Once the Page is opened, Click on  Update Status(Alternate) , its  Auto redirect on traces website, enter the Verification code and then log in and  it can check all the details in Portal and takes the Form 16 file request for Particular assessment year and quarter in front of you.


Once the Details comes in front of you, In  Online Status shown as > Update Details,  Just Double click on this it will again redirect onto Department Portal and after that Status is shown as  "Click Here to Download".  Here you can download the appropriate files.


Open Location indicates the location of save this file.

Hope this helps.
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