Process for Delete Employee/Deductee Master

TDS || Process for Delete Employee/Deductee Master

Steps to Delete Employee/Deductee Master Data

Access Deductee/Employee Master
Navigate to the "Deductee/Employee Master" section within the system.


Choose Associated Client and Initiate Deletion
  1. Once the entry is selected, assign it to the relevant client.
  2. Click on the "Delete" button associated with this client.

Resolve Transaction Data Error
  1. If an error message appears indicating active transactions linked to this client, proceed to clear these transactions before continuing with deletion.
  2. It's crucial to remove all associated transaction data to ensure no dependencies exist.
Note: Deleting master data necessitates clearing all associated transaction data to uphold data integrity across all Assessment Years and Quarters.

Navigate to Deductee Transaction (Form 24Q/26Q)
Go to the "Deductee Transaction" section.

Locate and Delete Transaction Entry
Find and delete any transaction entries associated with the deductee/employee you wish to remove.


Confirm Deletion of Transaction Entry
Follow the deletion process for each transaction entry to ensure they are successfully removed.


Finalize Client Deletion
  1. Return to the client deletion process initiated earlier.
  2. Select the client and click on the "Delete" button to complete the deletion.

Verify Deletion Completion
Confirm that both the transaction entries and the associated client have been successfully deleted from the system.


Ensure each step is executed accurately and in sequence to avoid data integrity issues. It's essential to clear all associated transaction data before attempting to delete master data. Refer to system prompts and error messages for guidance throughout the process.