Option for Print Bulk Computation

TDS || Option for Print Bulk Computation

A new and enhanced feature has been added to the TDS software, allowing users to print Bulk Computations with greater efficiency. Previously, users could only print Single Computations for individual employees in the TDS software. However, the latest update enables users to streamline the process by selecting multiple employees (up to n-number) in a single click.

To generate Bulk Computations in the TDS software, follow these detailed steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Reports' section and click on 'Form 16 [Form 24]'.


Step 2: Locate and click on the option labeled 'Computation Bulk'


Step 3: Upon clicking 'Computation Bulk,' the entire list of available employees will be displayed on the screen. Users can choose to select employees individually as needed, or opt for the 'Select ALL' option to expedite the process of generating Computations in PDF format.


Note: Each selected client's PDF will be generated separately.

If you wish to save the PDFs as individual files, follow these additional instructions:
Click on the "Save Separate PDFs" button.

All generated PDFs will be automatically saved to the default location: C:\KDK DATA\Zen TDS\AY\client code\bulkcomputation.


This enhancement simplifies the printing process, offering a more efficient way to handle Bulk Computations within the TDS software.

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