Income Tax || "PAN number invalid" during ITR Upload

Income Tax || "PAN number invalid" during ITR Upload

Reason: PAN Number and Name of the Signing Authority is not valid or not matched in the software or Department Website.

Solution: Please verify the accuracy of the Signing Authority's PAN (Sign PAN) and Name (Signing Person) entered at the specified locations:
  1. Navigate to Master >> Client Selection >> Edit Client >> Sign PAN and Signing Person
  1. In Transactions >> Business & Profession Income >> Remuneration, verify the accuracy of the Name of Partner and PAN (Principal Officer).
  1. Log in to the department website and go to My Profile >> Key Person Details >> Partner Detail. Ensure that the PAN and Name matches exactly with the information on the Department Portal.
Note: Name and PAN Should be the as it is same with the Department Portal.
This should resolve the issue.

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