Certificate Issue with Department Website

Online Activity Issue with Department website - When there is a problem with the website's Security certificate.


Unable to reach the department website either Income Tax website or TDS website.

Possible Solution:

Go to the Root Location of the Software - 

  1. Default location is - C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software\Spectrum\Zen IT        OR         C:\Program Files (x86)\K.D.K. Software\Zen IT
  2. Here file is available named as  -  KDK_Root_Certificate.pfx
  3. Right click on - KDK_Root_Certificate.pfx, Click on Install PFX.
  4. Password is - 'kdk@123456'.

  1. Security Warning Message appears multiple times, Click on always - 'Yes' to install the certificates.

Once completed please restart the Software, and then check the same.

If still issue occur, please check -
  1. Please check that Internet Explorer (IE) version should be the latest. The Version available on the system should be IE 11.
  2. If the Internet Explorer version is correct, then try opening the above mentioned website on the IE browser directly and try to login with respective login Credentials.
  3. In case similar problem is faced while Login on department website on IE you can try reset the IE browser / Delete Browsing history and check with the same else you are requested to connect with your Local IT person / System Engineer as this issue is not related to software.
Hope this helps.