Filed and Pending returns reports

Filed and Pending returns reports

How to view reports of filed and pending returns in Income Tax Auditor

 User can view a report of filed and pending return through software by following the steps suggested below:

Step 1: Open the Income Tax Software. Go to Report MIS MIS → option given in menu bar.

Step 2: To View Pending return, click on the option "Pending Return" given in left part of the screen.

Step 3: - To generate a report for "Pending Returns", click on the "Report Button" and the generated report can then be printed in PDF/ Word format.

Step 4: - To View Filed return, click on the option "Filed Return" given in left part of the screen.

Step 5: User can view filed report according to the filter (filed type) and period selected

NOTE : To get these reports first it is required to update the return filling status of the clients by following this step.

Go into Transactions Return Filling Status.

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