How to Merge Duplicate Employee Deductee record

TDS || How to Merge Duplicate Employee/ Deductee record

Steps to merge Duplicate PAN entries in the master of salary and non-salary → Employee/Deductee records in TDS Software:

Step 1: Open the TDS software and navigate to -
Click on "Master" and then choose the "Deductee/Employee master" option.


Now, Click on "Merge Duplicate Emp/Deductee" option.


Else, Click on "Tools," and then choose the "Merge Duplicate Employee/Deductee" option.


Step 2: In the Merge options, you'll need to specify whether you want to merge salary or non-salary records. Select either "Merge Employee (Salary)" or "Merge Deductee (Non-Salary)" based on your requirements.


Step 3: Under the Identification option, you will find various parameters for merging. Check the box next to "PAN" since you want to merge duplicate PAN entries. Afterward, click on the Merge button to initiate the process.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds as the software processes the merge. Once completed, a message will appear indicating "Process complete" Click on OK to acknowledge, and then restart the software to ensure the changes take effect.


Step 5: If you need to perform additional validation, such as merging based on PAN and Name, check the relevant option in the Identification settings. Click on the merge button again to apply these additional criteria.

These steps ensure a systematic and clear process for merging double PAN entries in both salary and non-salary deductee records within the TDS software.

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