Update KDK Spectrum with Latest Version

Live Update Process

Software Updation: Auto Update or Also Known as Minimum update.
When Your KDK Spectrum / Taxsuite is upgraded to the better enhanced version, Update notification appears on the right side of the software as below shown - 


Live Update Notification looks like below:


New Version Tips: This link provides you the details of the updation released. It would specify the pending updates of the software with current version details as shown below:

Click Yes >>
will help you to update the software with latest version.

No >>
will cancel the notification.

NOTE: The notification will appear on the system whenever the software is executed and is not updated with latest version.


Steps to follow:

  1. Close all the software application.
  2. Click on Yes on the live update notification.
  3. Check with the Target path. (Path >> Right click on the Icon of the software, then Click on open file location).
  4. Click on Update button available on the Live Update window.
  5. Message to stop the Database services would appear as below.


Once the Database services are stopped it is advised not to open the software until the software gets updated.

Below message would appear once the updation is completed.


This completes the updation on standalone system.

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