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ZenIT || How to Register Legal heir Through Software

As per sub-section (1) of section 159 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, where a person dies, his legal representative shall be liable to pay any sum which the deceased would have been liable to pay if he had not died.
Further, as per sub-section (3) of the said section, the legal representative of the deceased shall be deemed to be an assessee. Hence, the legal representative of the deceased person is required to file the income tax return on his/her behalf for the income earned as representative assesses of the deceased person.

Introduction of Legal Heir:
A legal heir certificate, also known as a succession certificate or Varisu certificate, is a document issued by a government agency to identify the legal heirs of a deceased person.
This certificate is primarily used to establish the rightful inheritance of the deceased person's property, assets, and any associated benefits or entitlements. It contains details such as the names and relationships of the deceased person's heirs and specifies the share of the estate that each heir is entitled to receive.

Obtaining a Legal Heir Certificate:
The initial step in obtaining a legal heir certificate involves collecting all the necessary documents required for applying. These documents typically include the following:
1) Valid User ID and Password of Legal Heir.
2) PAN of deceased.
3) PAN is linked with Aadhaar number of deceased (Recommended).
4) Documents required for Legal heir registration:
      a. Copy of PAN Card of the deceased
      b. Copy of Death Certificate
      c. Copy of Legal heir proof as per the norms
      d. Copy of the order passed in name of the deceased (Mandatory only if the reason for registration is ‘Filing of an appeal against an order passed in the name of deceased’).
      e. Copy of Letter of Indemnity (optional)

Step 1:
Click on online Tools Online Activity 2.0:

Step 2:
Click on Register as Legal Heir:

Step 3:
Enter PAN And Date of Death of Deceased Person or select the Reason of Registration and save/Registered.

Step 4:
Software login on the income tax portal.

Note: Please refrain from any manual intervention and observe as the software seamlessly executes its tasks.

Step 5:
Click on let's get Started.

Step 6:
Click on +Create New Request.

Step 7:
Select the option of Deceased (Legal Heir) in the Drop-Down and click on Continue.

Step 8:
Select the category of assessee as Deceased (legal heir), enter the mandatory details (PAN, DOB etc.) of the deceased and upload the mandatory attachments

Note: All Red (*) Mark details are Mandatory to fill and attach.

Step 9:
To verify the request, enter the OTP received on your mobile no. and email ID of the legal heir registered on e-filing portal.

Step 10: 
Request has been submitted successfully will be processed by Income Tax Department within 7 days.
Click on View Request to view the request.

Step 11:
After approval of request by Income tax department representative assessee, legal heir will be notified on email and SMS. The legal heir can login to e-filing portal with its own credentials and after login, in profile section switch to representative assessee (as legal heir).

Hope This Helps.

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