JAVA Application Blocked - Application Blocked by JAVA Security

JAVA Application Blocked - Application Blocked by JAVA Security


The FVU file (File Validation Utility), em-Signer Utility or the PDF converter utilities are basically Java-based utilities provided by the Traces (TDS) department. The utility of the department would respond only if there is required JAVA installed on the system.

The minimum required version of JAVA should be JAVA 8 or above. (Check the version from Control Panel >> Program and Feature >> to get help in knowing the installed JAVA on the system)


If there are multiple JAVA's installed on the system, then the command line "Java -Version" will help to know the java running on the system.


To Resolve the given error - Please Verify the JAVA Version, Once the JAVA Version is appropriate according to Department Website, After that Follow the steps below:

  1. Downloaded em-signer from traces website after login in downloads option
  2. Sites added in exception list of java security :
To Add the sites in exception follow the steps:

  1. Open Control panel > Java (32-Bit)

  1. On this JAVA Console > Click on Security > Edit Site List

  1. Click on Add Button and Add all three websites one by one.

  1. Click on OK and then again OK.

Now, Restart the complete application and try again.

Even after all these things it doesn’t works then remove emsigner, JAVA from your PC and download the latest emsigner, JAVA and follow all the above steps again!