Invalid remark for section code selected

TDS || E-Filing → Invalid remark for section code selected


Root Cause of the Error: This error occurs when the Reason for Deductions is not correctly selected during Deductee entry.

Solution: To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on "Open Save Location".
  2. Within this folder, locate and open the generated TEXT file.
  3. Note the error line number provided by the software.
  1. Search for the corresponding record in the text file.
  1. Access the same record in the software under Deductee Transaction → Select the appropriate form (Form 26Q / 27Q or 27EQ).
  2. Review and update the "Reason for Deductions" field for the specific Deductee Transaction.
  1. Save the changes.
  2. Regenerate the return.

Following these steps should effectively resolve the issue.
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