Invalid Form Name Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style is currently active

Invalid Form Name Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style is currently active

This error usually occurs while opening the Balance sheet option in the Income Tax software for Company cases (Private Limited or Public Limited).

Invalid Form Name: Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style was then currently active.


KDK Software’s, Spectrum, Taxsuit, Zen IT  are basically Windows-based applications. 

Any Windows Edition can be used to install these Softwares.  

If the user has changed the windows theme as per his convenience and has selected Windows Classic theme as his choice, the above-said error occurs.

Simply by changing the Windows theme from Windows Classic to windows default will resolve the issue.

Find the below steps to change the windows theme.

For Windows 7:

Right-click on Desktop  Personalization.

Here, simply select Window 7 theme under “Aero Themes”.

For Higher version Windows such as Windows 8, 8.1

Step 1: Open Search bar with the composite key of Windows key+F, enter theme in the empty box and tap Settings.

Step 2: From the search results, choose to Change the theme to move on.

Step 3: As the Personalization window pops up, choose a theme from Windows Default Themes as the following picture shows.

Step 4: Click the close button to exit the Personalization window when the theme has been altered.

For Windows Server:-

1. Open Server Manager, usually the Server Manager console is located under the Administrative Tool.

2. Go to Features and click Add Feature, select Desktop Experience and click Install;
If it shows as already installed, then click Cancel else continue with the next steps. Once the installation is completed,  the server would be set for Restart.

3. Before restarting the server after the installation, go to Services and set up the Themes service to start as Automatic.

4. Restart the Windows Server.
5. After restarting, apply the Windows 7 theme on Windows Server.
NOTE: - if still there is an issue with changing the THEME of Windows, the user is required to contact System Engineer and take his help.

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