Installation of GST software Launcher

Installation of GST software Launcher

GST Software Launcher

Before the user start generating E-Way Bill from Tally, the GST software launcher has to be installed on the system.  The GST software launcher would enable the e-way bill generation within the tally application.

NOTE: ‌A licensed Tally software should be installed in your system and the version should be Tally release 6.4.9 or above.

Installation of GST software Launcher

  1. Open >> Help and Support (Drop-Down)


  1. Click on ‘Download Now’ and download [GST Software Launcher].
  2. Once the Launcher is downloaded, Go to >> Downloads >> GST software launcher.
  3. Right click and “Run as Administrator”.
  4. Click on "Yes" in the dialog box that appears next.
  1. The listed path(s) of Tally will appear in the next dialog box, User has to select the preferred path. Alternately, user can use “BROWSE…” and manually select the path of Tally.

NOTE: - How to check with the tally path?

Ans: Right click on the Tally ERP icon available on the desktop and go to “Open file location”. This would re-direct the location of Tally.


  1. Select the path and click OK.
  2. On successfully installation of GST software launcher , message would appear as below:
Note: In case during installation of GST software launcher, if the Tally is running the launcher would detect that the Tally application is running and would require shutting down the application. Also note that the launcher would automatically close the Tally application running once the user click on’ Yes’

  1. The TCP will validate if the Tally version present in the system is a licensed.  The Express GST option will then be enable on the Gateway of Tally.

Hope this helps.

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