In case of Presumptive Income software suggesting ITR-3 instead of ITR 4

ZenIT || Presumptive Income - Software suggesting ITR-3 instead of ITR 4

Important Notes in case of Presumptive Income  (44AD / 44AE / 44ADA) who cannot file ITR-4
  1. Income from more than one house property, or
  2. Income from winning of lottery or income from Race horses, or
  3. Income taxable under section 115BBDA, or
  4. Income of the nature referred to in section 115BBE, or
  5. Income under the head “Capital Gains”, e.g. Short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains from sale of house, plot, shares etc, or
  6. Agricultural income in excess of 5,000, or
  7. Income from Speculative Business and other special incomes, or
  8. Income from an agency business or income in the nature of commission or brokerage, or
  9. Person claiming relief under section 90, 90A or 91, or
  10. Any resident having any asset (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India, or
  11. Any resident having income from any source outside India.
If any of the condition specified above is fulfilled than you can't generate ITR-4.

  Now, If the Software is suggesting e-ITR-3 instead of e-ITR-4, Please follow the below solution:


Step 1: 

      Go to Forms  →  Computation → and click on e-ITR-4 →  software will guide you why you cannot file e-ITR-4.
Depending upon the Validation, if any data is entered mistakenly in software for above conditions than you can delete the same.

for example: If you enter capital gain income and try to generate ITR-4 then software will show the below massage.

Please correct the same to generate e-ITR - 4.

If all the conditions as mentioned above are fulfilled and yet the e-ITR-4 is not getting highlighted for XML file generation, then follow step 2.

Step 2:

Go to Transaction Additional Information ( Bank & Credit Card detail)  → remove check mark on “ Whether Audit is Required?” and Save the details.

Hope This Helps.
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