Import from Text/TDS File

TDS || Import Text or Consolidate(TDS) file

The purpose of importing a text/Conso file is that all your old filed data gets into the software. 
You do not have to enter the master and transactions information of the Deductor and the Deductee again.
To import the Text/TDS file into TDS software, Follow the steps given below....
Go to Export/import > Import from Text/TDS File 


There are two options here, new client code no and existing client code no , If you want to import data for a new client (Deductor), then select "new client code no", and if you want to import the text/conso file for a client (Deductor) that is already in the software , then select "existing client code no."


Now browse the Text/Consolidate file (.tds File) from the browse button and click on Proceed.
In this way your Text/Conso file is imported into the software.


If you want to import Multiple Text/TDS files, then you have to select option with "Import Multiple Text/TDS" in  Export/ Import.


Hope this helps.

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