IFSC Code not found

Income Tax || IFSC Code not found

Note: Before proceeding with the above instructions, it is strongly recommended to take a backup of the software. Follow the detailed steps below:

Backup Procedure:
a. Navigate to the C Drive.
b. Copy the "KDK Data" folder and the "Data" folder from "C:\MySQL."
c. Paste these folders into the designated folder created for data backup.

IFSC Code Search in Income Tax Auditor Software:
Access the Income Tax Auditor software. To search for the IFSC code of most banks, follow these steps.
If unable to find the IFSC code in the software, proceed to the solution below.

IFSC Code Search Troubleshooting:
a. Open the Income Tax software.
b. Navigate to "Tools" → Select "Reset Database Version" from the menu bar.
c. After resetting the database version, check for the IFSC Code in Transaction → Additional Information (Bank and Credit card details).

If Issue Persists:
a. Download the attached file below.
b. Extract the contents of the "IFSC.zip" files.
c. Copy all the extracted files.
d. Paste these files into "C:\mysql\data\zenutility."

By following these comprehensive steps, you can ensure a proper backup of the software, troubleshoot IFSC code search issues, and resolve any persistent problems with the provided solution.
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