How to upload TDS Return through Software

How to upload TDS Return through Software

Here is a step-by-step guide on uploading TDS statements on the income tax website:

Regarding this first prepare the return,  Process to generate TDS Return (Salary / Non Salary / Non Resident / TCS) -- Return Generate Process

Step 1:      After you have prepared your tax return, locate and click on the "Upload" button within the software.

Step 2:      In the designated password option, input the password associated with your Income Tax Website account.

Step 3:      Once the password is entered, initiate the upload process by clicking on the "Upload" button again. This action will trigger the transfer of your prepared tax documents to the Income Tax Website.
Step 4:      Upon successful upload, the system will automatically redirect you to the Income Tax Website. At this point, the necessary fields and the compressed zip file containing your tax information will be selected automatically by the system.

Step 5:      Navigate to the next step by clicking on the "Proceed to Verify" button. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the website to complete the verification process. This may involve confirming details, reviewing your submitted information, and ensuring all necessary steps are taken for a successful verification.

By following these steps systematically, you can ensure a smooth and accurate submission of your tax return on the Income Tax Website.
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