Effortless Software Renewal and Migration

How to Renew

How to Renew/Migrate software

To Renew or Migrate your planclick the Profile Icon   available in the right top corner.

Once clicked on Profile, two tabs named Profile and My Subscribed Plan are visible on the window as shown below:

Clicking on My Subscribed Plan will show options depending upon the End Date of the Plan Subscribed.

Available Options:

Depending on the end date of your current subscription plan, you will see the following options:
  1.       Change Plan: If you are eligible, this option will display the next highest plan you can migrate to.
  2.       Renew Plan: This option will display your current plan that you can renew. Additionally, it will show the next highest plan you can migrate to.

As per the selection, the user will be re-directed to Plan Page, select the desired plan and proceed for payment after making necessary changes (if required) in Billing information.

Once the payment is done successfully, the user will be displayed with a Congratulation message following the process he needs to follow.

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