How to register as a Legal Heir on behalf of deceased to do e-filing?

How to register as a Legal Heir on behalf of deceased to do e-filing?

User should register as a legal heir to do e-filing on behalf of deceased.Following are the steps for registration as legal heir :

Step 1:
LOGIN to e-filling application and go to "My Account > Register as Representative".

Select Request Type as - New Request and Category as - Legal Hair

Step 2:
Provide the necessary details and attach the Zip file of the essential documents of the deceased.


Step 3:
Click on Submit.

Step 4:
The request will be sent to e-filing department.

Step 5:
Your request will be reviewed,approved/rejected and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail id.

On approval from Income Tax department the ITR form of the deceased person can be uploaded via Legal Heir Login.

This should help.
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