How to recover data through .kbt Files?

How to recover data through .kbt Files?

Data Restoration Procedure via .kbt Files:
KBT files serve as repositories for TDS Software data. Restoring data from these files requires a meticulous approach. 
Follow the comprehensive steps outlined below:

Step 1: Look for these files in the C DriveWindows directory. They hold important data for TDS Software.


Step 2: Copy the .kbt file you need to a special folder for a specific date. Change its extension to .zip and unzip it to reveal the data inside.


Step 3: Once unzipped, find the folder that matches the date and time you're interested in. Inside, you'll find a .bak file containing the data snapshot.


Step 4: Give the .bak file a clear name using the format YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_VERSION_DB.bak for easy reference(It contains the .bak file with actual date and time for the particular data).


Step 5: Right-click the renamed file and select "Send to "Compressed (Zipped) folder" to prepare it for transfer or storage.


Here the backup through software format is ready, Now restore the same in software.


Step 6: Open your TDS Software and go to the "Tools" menu, then choose "Database Utility".


Step 7: In the Database Utility, select "Complete Restore" to begin the process.


Step 8: Browse through your files to find the renamed .bak file you prepared earlier. Click "Proceed" to start the restoration.


Step 9: Once done, you'll get a message confirming the successful restoration. Make sure to check that the data is intact and accurate.


Step 10: Restart your TDS Software to apply the changes and start using the restored data seamlessly.

Following these steps will help you restore data using .kbt files for your TDS Software without any hassle.

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