Conditions where Form 16 Part-A and Part-B would not merge

Conditions where Form 16 Part-A and Part-B would not merge.

Conditions where Form 16 Part-A and Part-B would not merge

The TDS Software has provided a feature of merging the Form 16 Part-A and Part-B generated from the website/software.
There are few conditions were the merging of both these forms is not possible. 
  1. Name Format of the Form is not matched.
  2. TDS software Edition is not matched.

The Process given below would clear both the conditions mentioned above.

Step 1 

Open the e-TDS software, Go to Tools PDF Merge Utility option given in menu bar

Step 2

Select the folder where the Form 16 Part-A and Form 16 Part-B are available under respective option heads (Downloaded from Department website or generated through the software) . Along with this provide path to Save the Merged Part-A and Part-B using the browse button provided.

Note – Do not change the format of the form name generated for Form 16 Part-A and Part-B.

On passing the merge process successfully, Merged PDF of form 16 part A and Part B will be generated. Message appears as "PDFs Merging Successfully done".

Software allows the merging of Form 16 Part-A and Part-B using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). But this option is available only for Corporate Edition User. If the user is using Professional or Regular edition the Forms cannot be signed on merging.

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