How to import finacle file in e-TDS

How to import finacle file in e-TDS

How to import finacle file in e-TDS

Finacle is banking software, which is providing a report in a text format. The report consist of  all financial transaction details,  like payment  date ,tds deducted amount and amount paid detail during the specified period

KDK software provides facility to convert and import  the finacle report to .in TDS software for tds return preparation 

Note : - File will import in selected assessment year  and quarter

Procedure to import finacle file in e-TDS

There are two process to import finacle file. 

First user can directly import detail in software and second is  convert report in excel template .

First process:  Import from finacle report directly  in software

Open the e-TDS software Go to Export / import → Import from finacle report option given in menu bar and select bank name for which finacle report being imported.

Note :- The process is Different  for difference bank and different files.

Below list of bank  which finacle report can be imported in software.


Please ensure before importing finacle file, the file being imported and the deductor selected should be the same

Now enter city and state name and browse finacle report and click on proceed button

Now, check the deductee details for the respective Form Type

Go to Deductee Entry  Form Wise Deductee Entry 

Note – Only deductee details would be import through finacle report, Challan details have to be entered in software manually or through mapping process. 

For mapping deductee entry with challan , go to deductee entry > deductee entry mapping (non-salary )

Select deductee entry which you want to adjust with a particular challan and click on deposit

Now, Deductee entry adjusted with challan and we can check the TDS Challan details for the respective Form Type.

Go to Challan Entry → Form Wise Challan Entry.

Second - Convert Finacle Report in excel template for tds return preparation 

Open the e-TDS software Go to Export / import → Convert Finacle to ZEN Excel Template option given in menu bar and select bank name for which finacle report being imported.

All deductee detail will be displayed now click on export button and select the path where the user want to save the excel file. 

Now open excel template, and enter challan and dedcutor details and import excel template in software.

Go to Export/import and click on Import from excel


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