Export GSTR 1 in Excel

How to Export GSTR-1 Return in MS Excel?

To export GSTR-1 returns in the MS Excel follow the steps below :

Steps 1 :
Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > GSTR-1.
Alternatively, Press Alt+G (Go To) > Type Here or Search GSTR-1 > Press Enter.

Step 2 :
F2: Period: Select the period for which returns need to be filed.

Step 3 :
Press Alt+E and select E-Return from the menu.

Step 4:
Select Excel (Spreadsheet) as the File Format.

Step 5:
Specify the folder path to save the e-return in the File path field.

Step 6:
Set the option Export Document Summary to Yes and press Enter.

Step 7 :
Click Send to export the e-return.

Hope this helps.
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